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Camino Surco Forja Pdf

Camino Surco Forja Pdf

Camino Surco Forja Pdf is a collection of three books written by Saint Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei. These books are composed of brief points of meditation, in a direct style, in which the reader faces the divine demands in an atmosphere of trust and friendship. They are intended to help the reader grow in holiness and apostolate in their daily life.



Camino, the fruit of the priestly work that Saint Josemaría Escrivá had begun in 1925, first appeared in 1934 (in Cuenca, Spain) with the title of "Spiritual Considerations". In the next edition -made in Valencia in 1939-, the book, considerably expanded, received its definitive title. Since then it has spread with a sustained and progressive rhythm. Currently, about 4.5 million copies of Camino have been published in 43 languages.

When it was published in Italy, L'Osservatore Romano commented: "Mons. Escrivá de Balaguer has written more than a masterpiece, he has written inspired directly by the heart, and to the heart they go directly, one by one, the paragraphs that form Camino".

You can read it online at [].


Surco, like Camino, is the fruit of the personal prayer and experience of souls of Saint Josemaría Escrivá. It also consists of points of meditation, presenting an attractive vision of human virtues. "Surco wants to reach the whole person of the Christian -body and soul, nature and grace-, and not only the intelligence", wrote Mons. Álvaro del Portillo in a note of presentation of the book.

Saint Josemaría had left the book ready for publication except for the final revision, which he did not have time to do. The first edition appeared posthumously in 1986. Since then, about 500,000 copies have been published in numerous languages.

You can read it online at [].


Forja, structured in the same way as Camino and Surco, is the last published work of Saint Josemaría. It "is a book of fire, whose reading and meditation can put many souls into the forge of divine Love, and ignite them in desires of holiness and apostolate, because this was Mons. Escrivá's wish" (Mons. Álvaro del Portillo, Presentation). The first edition is from 1987. So far more than 400,000 copies have been published in 14 languages.

The author himself explains the title, pointing out in the brief prologue: "How can I not take your soul -pure gold- to put it in forge, and work it with fire and hammer, until making that native gold a splendid jewel to offer to my God, to your God?"

The book consists of 1055 points of meditation, distributed in 13 chapters. Many of these considerations, which the founder of Opus Dei wrote mostly in the thirties, have an autobiographical character, although they usually appear narrated in third person.

The plot of the book follows the inner journey of a Christian who longs for progressive identification with Christ: "Forja, ultimately, accompanies the soul on its journey to sanctification, from when it perceives the light of the Christian vocation until earthly life opens up to eternity" (Mons. Álvaro del Portillo, Presentation).

You can read it online at [].


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