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Malayalam Manthrikam Book in Tamil PDF 88 - A Review

Malayalam manthrikam is a term that refers to the occult practices and rituals of Kerala, a state in South India. Manthrikam is derived from the Sanskrit word mantra, which means a sacred utterance or formula. Manthrikam involves the use of mantras, yantras, tantras, and various other methods to achieve various purposes, such as healing, protection, attraction, destruction, and enlightenment.


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Malayalam manthrikam has a long and rich history, dating back to the ancient times when Kerala was known as Malabar. The practitioners of manthrikam were called mantravadis or mantrikars, who were well-versed in the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, and the Agamas. They also learned from the Siddhas, the enlightened masters who attained supernatural powers through their spiritual practices. Some of the famous Siddhas who influenced Malayalam manthrikam are Agastya, Gorakhnath, Tirumular, Bogar, and Karuvoorar.

Malayalam manthrikam is a complex and diverse field that encompasses various branches and schools of thought. Some of the major branches are:

  • Vasiyam - The art of attracting and influencing others through mantras and yantras.

  • Mohanam - The art of enchanting and captivating others through charms and spells.

  • Sthambanam - The art of immobilizing and paralyzing others through curses and hexes.

  • Maranam - The art of killing or harming others through black magic and sorcery.

  • Ucchatanam - The art of creating discord and enmity among others through incantations and talismans.

  • Vidveshanam - The art of separating and dividing others through potions and powders.

  • Akarshanam - The art of attracting wealth and prosperity through rituals and offerings.

  • Rakshanam - The art of protecting oneself and others from evil forces and dangers through amulets and symbols.

  • Nigraham - The art of controlling and subduing others through binding and sealing techniques.

  • Vimochanam - The art of liberating oneself and others from negative influences and karmic bonds through meditation and prayers.

Malayalam manthrikam book in Tamil PDF 88 is a collection of 88 rare and powerful mantras that belong to various branches of Malayalam manthrikam. The book is written in Tamil, a language that is closely related to Malayalam and widely spoken in Tamil Nadu, a neighboring state of Kerala. The book is available in PDF format, which makes it easy to download and read on any device.

The book contains detailed instructions on how to chant and use the mantras for various purposes. It also explains the meaning and significance of each mantra, as well as the benefits and risks involved. The book is divided into four parts:

  • Part 1: Vasiyam Mantras - 22 mantras for attracting and influencing others.

  • Part 2: Mohanam Mantras - 18 mantras for enchanting and captivating others.

  • Part 3: Sthambanam Mantras - 16 mantras for immobilizing and paralyzing others.

  • Part 4: Maranam Mantras - 32 mantras for killing or harming others.

The book is intended for those who are interested in learning and practicing Malayalam manthrikam for personal or professional reasons. However, the book also warns the readers about the ethical and karmic implications of using these mantras for selfish or malicious purposes. The book advises the readers to use these mantras only for good causes and with proper guidance from a qualified guru or teacher.

The book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to explore the fascinating world of Malayalam manthrikam. It is also a rare treasure for those who are looking for authentic and effective mantras that can help them achieve their goals and desires. The book can be downloaded from [this link].


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